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This book gets right to the source when needing to ease your child encountering the unknown at the doctor's office. It also is extremely resourceful in introducing children to their helpful and attentive, Physician Assistant. I have an awesome Physicians Assistant and I love the idea of helping my children learn more about what they do prior to meeting them in person. I recommend adding this book to your Childs library just as much as I recommend choosing a healthy, safe, and friendly PA


“I bought the paperback copy and then the Kindle copy for my young son! I was so excited to see a rhyming children's story about physician assistants (or PAs) and children. Physician assistants give so much more time and attention than regular pediatricians to the littlest patients. Our regular children's doctor is a PA; she's amazing! This story highlights all of that! Also this story features African-American health care providers in the community, and that's subtle and important to see for young kids (and adults too). Such a sweet story. I sent copies to my mom friends!


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