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Official Review: I saw my PA today by Lavette Shirley Elee

I Saw My P.A. Today is an educational book for young children written by Lavette Shirley Elee. The story features an active little girl who falls and injures her knee while running. The girl’s mother decides that they need to go to the urgent care clinic. The child is scared and doesn’t want to go, but the P.A. who tends to her injuries is kind and soon the little girl feels much happier and safer.

Post by ciecheesemeister » 22 Aug 2020, 12:16

[Following is an official review of "I saw my PA today" by Lavette Shirley Elee.]

4 out of 4 stars This story is written for children in the pre-school to early elementary range. The book has colorful pictures and there is good contrast between the text and the background so it is easy to read. The simple rhyming scheme makes the story easy and fun to follow, which is helpful for children who are learning how to read. I think that the book could be useful for those studying to be medical providers to read as well, because it gives an insight into the way young children think. Young children need to be informed about medical procedures that they are undergoing in simple terms, and they need to be treated with compassion and respect. I was born in a time when medical providers tended to be scary, authoritarian figures who never explained what they were doing before doing it, and who tended to sneak up on the patient with a shot or such. I once had a doctor perform an extremely painful procedure on me when I was seven years old. There was no warning or anesthetic given and my father held my hands down. I learned early on to be afraid of medical personnel, and I still experience anxiety about medical procedures although I am now in my fifties. I give I Saw My P.A. Today four out of four stars. This book was intended to alleviate young children’s fears about medical providers and procedures, and it accomplishes that objective. My one criticism is about the fact that the procedure the young patient underwent was relatively painless, although I understand that brevity was one of the author’s objectives. I feel that it would be helpful for the author to write future books to help children cope with common procedures involving relatively minor pain such as getting injections or having blood drawn as well as for children who may have to undergo surgery or have more complicated or ongoing medical procedures. The author’s approach is effective for encouraging children to not be afraid of going to the doctor for minor injuries that do not involve potentially painful interventions. This book is appropriate for pre-school and early elementary readers. Older kids and teens will require a more sophisticated approach to the subject than this book offers. ****** I saw my PA today

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