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Telefonski Imenik Slovenije 2013 Download kendami




Due to the slow progress in the development of the national computer standards in Slovenia, there was a need to publish a new telephone directory with an optical storage, in a form of the CD-ROM. Telefonski Imenik Slovenije contains over 5000 names, with the area code of each area and the address of the region with an image of the town or the landscape where the telephone is located. While the digital edition has many advantages - it is smaller, cheaper and more reliable - it also has its own disadvantages: due to the low number of regional names, certain areas are repeated several times, which results in the book being hard to read or even impossible to read for a person who doesn't speak Slovene. The internet edition of the book, which is being developed by T-2, is available at the official web site of T-2, it will contain only regional names, so the book will be easier to read and understand. The book will be available in the Slovenian and the English languages. The new edition will be released in the first half of 2014. See also Telephone book List of phone book topics External links Telefonski Imenik Slovenije official website Slovenia Category:Telephone booksNanotechnology General News The latest news from academia, regulators research labs and other things of interest Posted: Oct 19, 2008 Nanotubes used to make strong adhesive for electronics (Nanowerk News) In the late 19th century, French chemists made the first discoveries of carbon nanotubes, which are now a leading area of nanotechnology research. In the 1960s, Westinghouse engineers made the first practical use of carbon nanotubes for structural components of their early communications satellites. Today, researchers around the globe are exploring how to use carbon nanotubes to solve a host of practical problems, including the development of better sensors, durable aerospace parts and more efficient bio-devices. One of the most promising and controversial applications of nanotubes is as an adhesive to hold tiny components together. A common type of carbon nanotube is a single wall tube, made by encasing a single graphite sheet in a seamless cylinder. Because of their remarkable strength and stiffness, single wall nanotubes are now being used to make lightweight structures in electronics and aerospace. But even the most attractive single wall nanotube materials require sol



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Telefonski Imenik Slovenije 2013 Download kendami

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