Theresa "Mrs. Sunshine" Mackiewicz

Theresa wants to "educate the students in America and across the World" and she is doing just that. Take a moment to learn about this award-winning author, illustrator, educator, and businesswoman!

After graduating from Bridgewater State University with a Bachelor of Science in both sociology and special education, I designed and taught educational programs and owned my own sign language business called Signing With Theresa. I always wanted a career that allowed me to pursue my personal and professional goals of supporting society’s needs and the needs of the special education population.

I was a struggling special education student, so I understand what my students endure. I had a vision impairment causing me to see double for 30 years. I still made my education possible. My experiences as a special education student along with my degree in the special education field allow me to have the compassion and knowledge to truly help these students.

As a special education teacher, I have encountered all types of learners and have had great success in teaching them that they are more than their disability. There are two things I firmly believe in. First: any child can learn; and second, it is up to us, the teachers, to learn how to teach each child.

My husband went into active duty at the US Coast Guard. This means we have to move every three years. I am a mother of twin boys. My family is my other great pride and joy.

I have written many books covering a multitude of special education topics. Each book is taken from both my personal and teaching experiences. As my book journey started taking off, in VA, I was a speaker at a Special Education Conference. I had many book signing in Barnes and Noble and around the community, becoming a local celebrity.

Coming to CT, I called Barnes and Noble and didn’t realize they already knew who I was here. I met many people and eventually, I was featured on channel 8’s Good Morning CT. I had a book signing at the local but well-known book store called, RJ Julia bookstore. In July 2019, I was the Keynote speaker at Quinnipiac University for the First Cultivating Creativity Teacher’s Conference sponsored by the Arts of Learning. I was interviewed on Full Potential Now about my book and my teaching expertise. In the UK, I was interviewed on Chat N Spin twice. I spoke at Southeastern High School Class and was asked to speak at Dean College. Dean College picked up my book to sell in their book store as an educational resource. I was asked to be at Staples Educational Block Party in Branford, CT. I was honored and humbled being asked this year, to Read Across the World this March in Germany. I started the International Educational Awards in College and received an International Award for my book Scribbles, but to be asked for multiple interviews and to read in another country, I feel like I am doing what I was set out to do, Educate the students in America and across the World.

Not only do I want to continue writing for this population, but I was reviewed by PBS. I was a fit but just the wrong timing. I know that Mrs. Sunshine can be like the NEW Mr. Rogers. I know that my mission will heal the struggling students to understand that they should not give up on themselves. As Mrs. Sunshine says, “Just remember…close your eyes and dream… you will

get there.”

I will be releasing more of my educational books soon. Other educational titles include Tommy and Mrs. Sunshine, Robbie and Ava, Midnight Versus Sunshine, Best Buds for Life, and many more. I have made sure I have piloted the books to ensure their quality I will continue my book tour in many different states at Barnes and Noble. I am ready to continue my mission in supporting the students who struggle.

Scribbles can be purchased on Amazon.

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