Ten Fingers, Ten Toes!

"Ten Fingers, Ten Toes"

Written by Yolanda McElroy; Illustrated by Tyrus Goshay

“Formed just right and precious in the eyes of the mighty God”

“Ten Fingers, Tens Toes” is a refreshingly sweet children’s book that includes a father and child duo. It is a great reminder of appreciating the simple things in life and remembering that we are all God’s children. Even in the darkest of times, this fact has kept me going. I am God’s child and deserving of his grace.

The illustrations really bring the story to life and remind me of my childhood. I remember the days of waiting by the window thrilled for my Dad to come and pick me up. The simple things were always what I loved. Sometimes it was simply watching An American Tail or having a “keep your face straight while eating sour candy” contest.

During this pandemic, it is important to have reminders of the simple things that bring us clarity. Appreciating our 10 fingers and 10 toes, is a metaphor for life. Sometimes we need to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life and try to appreciate the things we do have. Did you wake up this morning? Do you have your health? Do you have all your fingers and toes?

“I am made like that! And precious in the sight of the Mighty God.”

My two-year-old loves to flip through this book and look at the pictures and see a child who looks like him. I enjoy reading it to him because it is important for him to understand that he is a child of God so that he has this to lean on as he grows and has dark days of his own.

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