“Refuel, Realign, and Refocus”

“Take some time to find out what you were placed on this earth to do. When you do, everything in and around you will form a beautiful synergy.” Genesis Amaris Kemp

Chocolate Drop in Corporate America is a reflective, inspirational, feel good, wholly relatable short story of triumphs and tribulations, written by Genesis Amaris Kemp. The book begins with a decision, take the higher-paying job with fewer opportunities for advancement, or take the lower-paying at a Fortune 500 Company, where “the sky is the limit.”A decision is made and while initially,

it felt like the right choice, she soon discovered that her climb up the corporate ladder would be more challenging then she anticipated. However, she continued to press forward, through multiple bosses with different personalities and expectations. She conducted herself professionally while challenging inconsistencies within the company that seemed to only pertain to the “chocolate drops.” Reluctantly, she jumped through every hoop. She went back to school and inquired about external industry courses, which she was conveniently not permitted to take. She completed her degree, but the roadblocks continued to come. Eventually, she found herself in a professional role with admin pay. It was time for self-reflection and a shift in mindset. With her faith and persistence, she has risen from her pit to her palace by focusing on what is truly important. She decided to bet on herself.

Chocolate Drop in Corporate America is such a relatable story. I can recall working for companies in which I felt that no matter how diligent, educated, reliable, motivated, friendly, and knowledgeable I was, I could never break through the glass ceiling. Genesis allows us to step into her experience and gain some insight into the challenges and inequalities experienced by minorities, in the corporate world, that is currently being highlighted in every facet of America today. I strongly recommend this book, especially to anyone considering a job in corporate America.

Thank you for putting your experiences on paper for us all to learn from.

Lavette Shirley Elee

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