"Paradise and the Pandemic"


#1 I am originally from Los Angeles, Ca. I survived the streets of Los Angeles. I had to apply my survival instincts on a daily basis just to cope. I want to encourage and empower others. I feel that the best way to do this is to experience life itself; which I have. I want others to relate by giving them hope. What better way to give a testimony from the experiences and hardships of your own life. I am inspired by our Heavenly Father who watches over me protects me and sustains me.

#2 I became a writer in 2016

#3 I do not write for a living I have another career. Although it seems like I write full time I have no complaints.

#4 Rick Warren – Inspiring! Inspiring! Inspiring!

#5 I am inspired by others who have lost hope or those who do not know our Heavenly Father at all. I want to instill hope, encouragement, and empowerment in others. I have something to say.

#6 I am constantly writing if not promoting my book or hosting book signings. My laptop is always charging. I always keep a pad with me. If I see something encouraging, I write it down and elaborate on it so that others can relate.

#7 I have several published books. One of my adult books is titled “Bikers Loyalty”. It’s about a Biker Club President (Black Mambas) who had a revelation. He removed the serpent from his riders’ jacket and replaced it with a dove and now rides for Jesus. He faced adversity and manifestation all at once. One of my children’s books is titled “Paradise and the Pandemic”. This is about an eight-year-old who has a beautiful outgoing personality. She shows compassion, is outgoing, charismatic, and simply loves others. She also loves to sing and dance. My children’s series entertains and educates children. “Paradise and the Pandemic” helps children understand our new way of life in a fun way. It shows them how we must protect ourselves by washing our hands and taking precautions. Paradise and her mom have a dialog with one another so that children can grasp and embrace the message that is intended.

#8 I want to be transparent if you will. If you call yourself a writer then you should feel the burning passion with no hesitation. No one should have to prompt you or encourage you to stay focused or apply yourself. It should come naturally. This is how you know that you are unique. You will have writer's block occasionally but don’t let it discourage you and don’t procrastinate. Writing shouldn’t be dreadful. Stay the course and the rest will follow. If you want the honest truth.

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