"Overcome Adversity"

Meet Kawan Glover, author of “Favor: How Stroke, Struggle, and Surgery Helped Me Find My Life’s Purpose” 

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

  • I was born in Richmond, Virginia, on Christmas Day 1993. In high school, I ran track and played football, and In college, I boxed. I studied finance at the University of Maryland, College Park

  • I'll keep my story brief: I’ve had a stroke and three brain surgeries, dealt with regular bouts of depression/anxiety, suicidal ideations (one attempt), and opioid addiction. I’m in a much better place now, but I believe I’ve found my calling: Sharing my story with others to inspire hope and change. 

2. When did you decide that you wanted to be a writer?

  • I had always been naturally adept at writing, but I decided to write a book when others told me I had a story to tell

3. Do you write for a living or do you have another career?

  • My writing is tied directly to my life’s journey, so along with writing, I speak, and I coach, but they are all connected.

4. Who is your favorite author, and why?

  • Stephen King, because I’m eternally fascinated by his ability to create these incredibly detailed stories out of thin air. I’m often baffled at how the stories come together at the end.

5. What inspires you?

  • The true potential of humanity to continually surpass their limits. We are always on the brink of changing the world.

6. What does your typical day look like as an author?

  • Consistent morning routine, then reading, jotting down new ideas, interviews, and reflective thoughts 

7. What is the name of your book? What is it about? What inspired you to write it?

  • The title is “Favor: How Stroke Struggle and Surgery Helped Me Find My Life’s Purpose” 

  • It’s a memoir about a trying time in my life from 2012 to 2018, where I suffered a stroke and three brain surgeries.

  • Other people that saw the power in my story inspired me to write it; I was reluctant

  • It was published September 4th, 2020, through Kindle Direct Publishing 

8. What piece of advice would you like to give to future aspiring writers?

  • Write something. every. single. day!

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