Michael Stover, CEO, Author, Entrepeneur

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

I graduated from Kent State University with a B.A in Applied Communication and recently graduated from Full Sail University with an M.S in Entertainment business. I have always had the means to be creative in all that I do. My passion is to entertain whether through music, literature, voice performance, or films.

2. When did you decide that you wanted to be a writer?

It’d actually a bad moment in my life when my wife at the time cheated on me and we were going through a divorce. I actually hated to write until that day. In college, I looked at writing as a punishment. However, to deal with the struggle of divorce, I began to write poems to express my feelings and thoughts. After my first 20 poems, I began to like writing and continued to produce more. Next thing you know, I wrote over 50 poems, 4 books, and a screenplay.

3. Do you write for a living or do you have another career?

I have another career. I normally write for milestones I guess. Not many can say that they are a published author, but now I can. I wouldn’t mind making this into a career if I find out how to sell a book lol.

4. Who is your favorite author and why?

Favorite author…… cant say that I have one. I actually rarely read, if that makes sense. I haven’t even read my first book yet. It's like I have a hard time really getting into a book, because my attention span changed swiftly. Most of the books I have read, I never got to finish them, because I got bored or found something better to do.

5. What inspires you?

I am inspired by reality. Random thoughts of love and heartbreak or comedy and happiness. It really just depends on my mood that day. 6. What does your typical day look like as an author?

I’m actually very unorganized. I don’t have a workspace for writing or an office without distraction. I’m merely sitting at home watching TV or playing on my phone, and out of nowhere an idea floats in my mind and I begin to write. It’s the same for music as well. It just comes to me.

7. What is the name of your book? What is it about?

What inspired you to write it? If you have not published yet, what inspires you to keep writing? The name of my most recent book is entitled “The World Out There”. It is a children’s picture book about imagination and the places it can take you to. I placed pictures of different monuments and landscapes to teach kids about the world we live in. It also has vocabulary words in the book that describe what image is on the following page. I honestly had no thoughts of being a children’s book author. One day at work I got bored and ran across Paint Bucket on my windows computer and taught myself how to use it. In the beginning, I just drew landscapes to take my mind off the boredom at work and past time. Once my coworkers saw the pictures I drew, they urged me to continue those images into a children’s book. I didn’t even know I can draw, but them waiting for my finished product made me keep going. Which then turned into a 3 book series that is all dropping this year. The next book drops Thanksgiving day and the other drops Christmas Eve. Now that I have multiple styles of literature under my belt, I want to explore being an author until I run out of stories. I might not illustrate after these 3 lol, but I still plan to put out children’s books.

8. What piece of advice would you like to give to future aspiring writers?

Don’t think and write, just let your pen move. Eventually, a story will appear or even a song or poem. You can always go back and edit, but continue to just let it flow until you feel you have reached a good stopping point. Then breathe lol. I finished my first book in two weeks using this style of writing.

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