Meet the Author! "When They Bully: Rainbow Girl"

"My name is Regina Smith, and I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I enjoy writing books that bring up topics that people are often afraid to have open discussions about. This includes bullying, interracial relationships, racial discrimination, colorism, child abuse, etc. My books are used to bring about awareness and moral and critical thinking." 

"In the 12th grade, the pressure to maintain good grades and be an overachiever was more important than ever to Kendra Williams. While trying to balance academics, she was forced to come to terms with bullying, colorism, racial discrimination, jealousy, and rumors, as an African American student at Wood Oak High School."

I can certainly relate to this book. I was not what you would call popular in high school, and like most, I dealt with my share of bullying. This book is great for those who may be accused of bullying and those who may be on the receiving end. Maybe by gaining a deeper understanding of the ill affects of bullying, colorism and racism, an aggressor may change their behavior. Pick up your copy at:

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