Meet the Author! Ruth Flynn

The Author Ruth Flynn was introduced to African history as a young girl in Primary School. Learning all about the Heros and Heroines of the past the author experienced more of black history than the Slavery narrative that interrupted black history. Later in life, she began researching her family tree and wanted to know more about the kingdoms and Empires of Africa. This led to her search for positive role models and histories of people she wanted to share with the World. The author particularly wants mothers, fathers, and guardians to be able to pass on this knowledge to black children. This will not only provide insight into their African heritage but will also enable them to be proud of their true history. The author also wants to create diverse books for everyone to be introduced and come to an understanding of the civilizations that were created in Africa.

Ruth is the author of "Extraordinary Women of Destiny: The Dynasty Series."

Read this series to discover amazing royalty in the Queens, Princesses, and bold women from the African continent. In this beautifully illustrated picture book, you will receive the perfect introduction to great women who were exceptional leaders and made history. Be knowledgeable about the powerful dynasties of Africa and what made them Great. Follow in the destinies of the women who ambitiously left their mark on the world. This book will help to promote your child’s self-esteem and self-respect by letting them know that these women existed and that they too can achieve extraordinary things. Explore fascinating facts about Queen Tiye, The Dahomey Amazons, Makare Hatshepsut, Mekada the Queen of Sheba, Ahmose- Nefertari, Nana Yaa Asantewa, Dahia Al-Kahina, Candace Amanirenas, Araweelo, Nefertiti, Princess Yennenga, Perpetua and Felicity, Queen Ranavalona, Queen Nzingha, and Queen Amina Sukhera. Learn more by reaching for the stars.

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