Meet the Author! Rev Lakisha Tucker

Lakisha Tucker is an Educator, Licensed Substance Abuse and Addiction Counselor (LCAS-A), and Licensed Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Lakisha believes that it is her passion to work with youth and their families. Lakisha comes from a long line of educators and it was important to her to continue to carry the torch. She believes that all children can go from students to scholars within their own abilities. She also understands the struggle that families face when addiction and abuse come into play.

She was born and raised in Greensboro NC and reared in a single-family home along with her sister. Lakisha is a mother, wife, sister, and friend. Lakisha learned early about hard work, determination, ethics, resilience, and tenacity. Lakisha graduated from Southeast Guilford High School in 1992. She matriculated to North Carolina A&T State University where she earned a degree in Psychology. She had a thirst for education went back to obtain a degree in Special Education in 2004 (from NC A&T SU). With the passion to serve people and help them feel their life‘s purpose, she received her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling in 2013.

It was after a negative situation at her daughter’s school that she became an author writing her first children’s book I Just want to be Me! She went on to write a memoir A Sun’s Journey and a journal Learning to Thrive through Tough Transitions. She is currently in the final stages of her next book. She has also been given the gift of poetry and has been called the author Extraordinaire. Lakisha has a blog on along with a popular storytelling corner that she created during the pandemic “Kisha’s Corner.”

We have all struggled, at one point or another with not being accepted for who we are. Rev

Lakisha's book is a great read to teach children about being happy in their own skin and acceptance. It can be purchased at:

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