Meet the Author: #Mindset

Derron is a native of Louisville Ky, the home of the greatest boxer ever to walk the planet, Muhammad Ali. Besides writing, Derron is an Actor, appearing in several plays, and also playing a lead Detective in a show called “Gavin Hook”, originally shot for Amazon Prime. Derron also likes to cycle, workout, usher at his church, and spend time with his daughters, niece, and nephew.

Derron’s debut Manuscript entitled #Mindset, A Mindset of Change, was written to encourage, motivate, inspire, and challenge the reader to a renewed way of thinking. Derron Rowan gets it right that overcoming obstacles and arriving at the next level is totally dependent on one’s mindset. To be successful at shifting mindset is to open the door to new possibilities. You often hear that people cannot be what they cannot see, and I agree, but I also think that people cannot be what they cannot first believe.

#Mindset, A Mindset of Change can be purchased at:

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