Meet the author, Latasha L. Bethea

Latasha L. Bethea is a native of Sanford, NC. She is a proud graduate of Fayetteville State University and Virginia Commonwealth University. She is a clinical social worker who enjoys learning about African American History. Her love for history led to the development of "The Historical Adventures of Miles and Nina" children's book series. Her desire is for adolescents of all ages to fall in love with African American History through the adventures of this charismatic brother and sister duo, Miles and Nina. Ms. Bethea is also a playwright and active in her community.

13-year-old Nina and 10-year-old Miles Sutton are the children of Nathan and Sherry Sutton. Their professional parents have a unique love for Black History which brought them together many years ago. Now they desire for Nina and Miles to have the same passion for Black History. Miles, the youngest of the duo, loves to learn! He is a little more interested in Black History facts than his older sister. Nina, on the other hand, is less interested in learning about Black History. She feels the past is the past and it’s no longer relevant to modern day society. Come join Nina and Miles as they take an unexpected journey back in time with the help of an unexpected connection! But will these historical adventures be enough to prove to them the importance of knowing Black History in today’s society?

In book one, Nina and Miles recently come back from their time travel journey. They were super excited to share their adventures and encounter with their deceased great-grandmother Lillie Mae Daniels, with their mother, Sherry Sutton. It was hard for them to determine if their mother really believes them or not. But they felt that the message from Grandma Lillie was enough to have their mother believe that they indeed had a divine encounter with her. Now they team up to convince their father, Nathan Sutton to believe them. Nina and Miles decided to wait until Sunday dinner to drop this bombshell on their father, but do they have enough facts to convince their father that time travel does exist?

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