Meet the Author! Jerry Wells

Jerry Wells earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree at the University of Southern Mississippi and his Master of Education degree with an emphasis on computer education, at Plymouth State University in Plymouth, New Hampshire, USA. He taught Grades 4 and 5 for six years and then mainly IT and business studies for the remainder of his career.

After having visited more than thirty-five different countries, including living and working in five of them, he is now retired and living in Thailand.

Jerry spends his time reading, cooking, swimming, learning to read and speak Thai better, and studying jazz piano. He is also an avid Grand Sumo wrestling fan.

What inspired you to write “Letters From the Road and More”?

As you know, it was originally mostly a series of emails I had written to my family and a few friends telling them what was happening with me while living in Egypt and then Thailand. I had never planned to write a book in any format about those things, but I wasn’t even six months into my retirement before two of my sisters began suggesting and then almost pressuring me into writing a book. They kept pointing out that retirement finally gave me the time to write. But I was thinking that all sounded like having a regular job, and I was no longer interested in having that. I felt I had already told them, and everyone else remotely interested in me, what I had to say; also, I didn’t think I had enough material for a book anyway. As it turns out, I have a large host of nieces, nephews, other relatives, and friends who were unaware of what I had emailed previously, but they had read and liked some of my social media postings. So, that helped me realize I could include some of those things in the book, plus the funny things I had heard my students say over the years. So, I thought maybe I did have enough content for a somewhat decent book. All that also made me think there just might be others out there interested in my little life after all.

How long did it take you to write the book?

Thankfully, I had already done most of the writing, but many pieces needed a bit of editing if I wanted to include them. Next, I had to virtually wade through more than 1,300 digital photographs to get to a more manageable number of about 300 and write appropriate captions for them. I plan to publish that later in a print edition. That was my aim before I found out it was quicker, easier, and less expensive to publish an e-book. To finally answer your question though, the whole process took me a little more than ten months to complete. And yes, I was right: at times it was a lot of work and almost like having a regular job.

What motivated you to become an indie author?

There are several things that motivated me to become an indie author. The biggest one is freedom. I really like the idea of writing and knowing that my work WILL be published. I might sell thousands and thousands of copies, or I might not sell any at all. But at least there is no one telling me my work is not worth publishing or reading. Another thing I like about being an indie author is that I am free to publish what I want to, how I want to. And of course, being able to reap higher royalties as an indie author as opposed to going with a traditional publisher is also highly motivating. Oh, I could go on and on, but I'm not sure how much time people will have to read my comments.

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