Meet the Author! "How Zoe Made Friends"


"I'm Jarred Stanton, an author and youth advocate from Mobile, AL. I've self-published 6 books to date: 3 poetry, 1 self-help, 2 children's books. In my spare time, I coach youth football and participate in speaking engagements when they come around. My focus, in the youth, is anti-bullying and self-love. I enjoy sports, making a difference, and my loved ones. My best book to date is, "How Zoe Made Friends". It's a story about a third-grade girl with Vitiligo. She has to learn how to embrace being different, rise above bullying, and practice stress management."

As a medical provider, I have seen first hand how this autoimmune disease can affect children’s and adult’s confidence and overall wellbeing. I was incredibly excited to learn about this book, and truly hope that adults share it with their children. If we educate our children about the differences that they may encounter, then maybe those differences will be more readily accepted. You can get your copy at:

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