Meet the Author! "Feminine Shades"

Tracey Chizoba Fletcher is a Nigerian-born Briton based in Lagos, Nigeria. She considers herself to be a jack of most trades in the entertainment industry as she has waded through the waters to emerge as a voice-over artist, red carpet host, and mc’s formal presentations.

She runs a monthly column at Rainbow Magazine called Motivational Talk where she addresses topics that transcend across all genders and age groups, with a view towards providing a beacon of hope.

Her love for writing caused her to pick up her pen in 2017, and after winning the Afritondo Alternative Ending Competition in 2019, one of her books, Feminine Shades, is now published under Phoenix Awards Books Publication.

She has an equally keen eye for proofreading and editing and makes a point to review as many books as she can during her free time.

Her desire is for her writing to reflect characters that embody perseverance, a will to do the impossible, and overcome obstacles to become superheros. She hopes that her readers will mirror these acts, and become their own super heroes. Her watchword is simply, ‘To be all that you are meant to be’.

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