Meet the Author: Dr. Velma Bagby

Armed with 46 years of a successful marriage and 35 years in Christian ministry, Dr. Velma is the Christian Dating/Relationship Coach singles look to for guidance. Her first book, Your Adam Is Asleep, chronicles her answer to her daughter’s complaint that men are slow to commit, and sparked a real conversation about what dating, courtship, and marriage were originally intended, compared to their current presence in the culture. It is a call to action for women. Dr. Velma continued her writing on love and relationships with her short story, My 70s Love Story, available on Kindle and found in the Back in the Day Anthology.

An exciting release in 2020 is her new book entitled, A Place Called Down-Why Christians Suffer.; sometimes,

Dr. Velma deviates from relationship-focused topics to bring us into her own testimony of tests, trials, and tribulations to offer insight into the low place. She says it is not always the workings of evil, sometimes God allows it because He is maturing us. A place called down by its very nature can be likened to a refiner’s fire. A fire so hot that it burns away all that God cannot use.

Dr. Velma is the CEO/Founder of Adoni Publishing, LLC. She is a sought-after Bible teacher and respected relationship coach, a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors/Coaches (AACC). Dr. Velma retired after working 38 years, as a California state Administrator in 2012. She lives in northern California with her husband, Pastor Bruce. The two are parents of two daughters, both Registered Nurses, a son-in-law who handles all her online media, and three grandchildren. Dr. Velma published her 6-year granddaughter’s first book in September 2020.

"Adoni Publishing’s first-time Author 6-year old Kai Mahalyn Tampol, sketched her book character in early 2020. Kai used her own imagination and creativity to bring her character to life, in her new book entitled, The Little Letter k and the Boring Alphabet Line.

Follow the story of Little Letter k, who becomes bored standing in the alphabet line, in the same position and her assigned spot every day for a long time. Without anyone noticing, Little Letter k tries using tricks for fun, which she does quickly without moving from her spot in line. Bored and tired, Little Letter k uses her imagination, risks exposing an alphabet secret, and bravely leaves the line in search of more fun. Eventually, the other little letters discover that Little Letter k is missing and decide to look for her. More of the letters soon follow. Find out what happens in the story. Here is a hint, because of Little Letter k’s imagination and creativity, the alphabet line will never be the same again."

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