Meet Dr. Eric D. Battle

When the Lions Ware the Crown

Greetings, my name is Dr. Eric D Battle. I'm a 52-year-old black man currently residing in Mobile, Al.  I'm a Marine Corps combat veteran with a Batchelor's degree in behavioral studies. I'm currently working in the justice system analyzing criminal behavior in men (mostly black) 18-25.

I began writing poetry around the age of 21. However, because I've always been an avid reader, I fell in love with writing short stories. I have written over 50 short stories but I have never really given any tho ught to having them published. For me writing is a hobby, and not until recently have I ever had any aspirations of being a published author. 

I would have to say that James Baldwin and Ralph Ellison are my favorite authors, and I would also say that they've been my inspiration to writ e in the Urban Fiction genre. I try to read every day, and as I'm reading I take meticulous notes about theories and concepts to be used later as story ideas. My writing technique is very organic. As I review my notes, I write whatever comes to mind, and I'll go back and polish it up, so to speak, later. 

Although I have been writing short stories and poetry for over 30 years, I'v e just recently completed my first novel,  "When The Lions Ware The Crown" which will be published hopefully by January of 2021. I am also the creator and editor of the Livity Journal, which I share every Wednesday

on Facebook and Instagram. As I stated, writing is such a passion for me, so it doesn't take much to inspire me to create.


I don't have any advice for aspiring writers, as I myself have yet to publish a book. I would however offer a suggestion. In this age of instant result, young writers are not immune to the pressures of "social media success." Unfortunately to Master the art of writing and creating good/great work, takes time. An aspiring writer should also read, read, read & then read some more. Lastly I would suggest that aspiring writers must BE IN LOVE WITH THE ART OF WRITING!!! it absolutely can not be a chore.

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